Welcome to Smiths 'R' Us, a game made specifically for Ludum Dare #37.

The objective of the game is to control your Master Dwarf to complete orders of the villagers that decide to put their trust on you.

Once a villager comes in, he'll ask you a specific weapon. This is indicated by an icon on their head, and on the side of the interface. Each 'slot' on the left is for a specific customer. In it you can see how much they're willing to pay for the item, how much you will get fined if you fail to deliver, and their patience, in form of a slider.

As the customers get more impatient, they'll start offering less and less for the item they requested, so make sure you hurry up! Should their patience completely deplete, they'll storm out of the shop, forcing you to pay a penalty.

You have several Dwarves at your disposal: a Smelter, a Smith, a Leatherworker, a Carpenter and a Master Crafter. Go close to them to see what they can craft!

Crude GIF tutorial for how to craft. No mouse needed. More details in the help menu:

Enjoy and please contact me for feedback and concerns!

PS: will add audio at a later date. Ran out of time.

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